Who’s your favorite Dragoon?

06/10/12 at 11:31pm
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  1. noahalwes answered: Dart’s Divine Dragoon. Hands down. I remember running around with my friends as a child and screaming “DIVINE DRAGON CANNON! WWWWAAAAAAAHHHH”
  2. leraginggoomba answered: shana. :D ~ she’s so perty. * x* /shineshine.
  3. angelbott answered: I love them all. but my top fav is Meru and Rose.
  4. milleudatheslitter answered: Miranda and Lavitz
  5. starnosemole answered: Kanzas or Shirley. :P
  6. the-tsundere-senpai answered: Meru~
  7. savorydeviate answered: That’s too hard of a question. D:
  8. uglykrogan answered: I love them allllll so much!
  9. dragonsentinel answered: Dart
  10. joshkakashi answered: Meru!
  11. ravensapprentice answered: Shana.
  12. tehenrique answered: Meru, Rainbow Breath was a lifesaver and Albert’s Rose Storm
  13. magicalgirlmeru answered: Design-wise, Shana. The Silver Dragoon is just beautiful. For use battle-wise, I have a threeway tie between Meru, Rose and Albert.
  14. rustandgunpowder answered: I CAN’T PICK. I can’t. But I’ve developed a serious love for Albert in my most recent playthrough, I’m not sure where it was hiding before…
  15. goucia answered: Meru’s my favorite overall. Magic-wise, it’s Rose. Design-wise, it’s Shana. :3
  16. basslinekagamine answered: LAVITZ.
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